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    MySQL connectivity with business central is lost after wait_timeout period


      Hello all,


      I am facing a timeout issue with MySQL. It will be really helpful if you can help me fix this issue.


      Below is the description of the issue –


      I have a spring boot application which act as the custom kieserver for the kjar which is deployed in the business central. Once the application is up and running, I am able to send POST requests via Postman to test my code. But if the application is idle for sometime (around 2mins), then after this period if a request is sent then I am getting MySQL error which says, connection reset. Please find attached error logs.


      When I tried to read about this issue in internet, I read about the wait_timeout parameter setting in MySQL and checked the same. We are using Azure VM and hence we have Azure managed MySQL service. The wait_timeout was set to only 2minutes and then I changed that to 10mins. Now my application will work for 10mins, I mean if kept idle till 10mins there is no issue but after 10minutes of idle period it will start throwing error.


      Validation query (Select 1) has been provided both in application.properties and standalone-full.xml files, but still I am facing the above issue.


      Kindly help me to fix this issue, as it is very urgent. Also let me know if any more info is required.