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    Galleon CLI Tool: how to add a module to an existing installation?



      I am trying to build a wildfly.17.0.1 with the Galleon CLI Tool.

      The first step is:

      galleon.bat install wildfly:current#17.0.1.Final --dir wildfly-custom


      Now I have a wildfly.17.0.1 in my wildfly-custom directory


      The second step is to add some modules and some utilies.


      Up to now I am using the usual os copy commands to add these modules and utilies.

      But is there a better way with the Galleon CLI Tool?

      We are using gradle as a build tool and we would like to avoid using maven.


      In the old Wildfly Provisioning Tool one could define a wildfly-server-provisioning.xml file with the required modules.

      For instance:


      <server-provisioning xmlns="urn:wildfly:server-provisioning:1.1" copy-module-artifacts="true">





                      version="${hibernate-orm.version}" />




                      version="${wildfly.version}" />




      Is this also possible with the Galleon CLI Tool?


      With kind regards,

      Leo Zeef