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    Handling Teiid thrown Exception during VDB deployment

      byte[] vdbBytes = vdbHelper.getVdbByteArray(theVDB); 
      try { 
      // Deployment name for vdb must end in '-vdb.xml'.
       String deploymentName = vdbName + Constants.DYNAMIC_VDB_SUFFIX; 
      // Deploy the VDB 
      clientAccessor.getClient().deploy(deploymentName, new ByteArrayInputStream(vdbBytes)); 
       // Wait for VDB to finish loading  
      long timeSt = new Date().getTime(); 
      waitForVDBLoad(vdbName, 1, deploymentTimeout); 
      long timeEnd = new Date().getTime(); 
      }catch(Exception e) 
      { System.err.println(e); }




      As I am trying test the connection parameters by creating vdb and try to deploy the vdb. If all parameters is correct then its fine but if there any parameters are wrong then expecting proper exception handling for respective wrong parameters such as Unknown Host exception.