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    Second level Cache: format of hibernate property expiration.lifespan for a entity in jar in ear. Prefix region_prefix



      how does the hibernate property hibernate.cache.infinispan.entity.expiration.lifespan look out in case of ear application ear and entity in jar in the ear (persistence.xml is in ear)?

      Some sources describe format like name of ear/name of jar and name of persistence unity (prefix) before full name of entity class:  hibernate.cache.infinispan.<prefix>.<full-class-name>.<property-name>


      hibernate.cache.infinispan.<earname>.<jarname>.<persistence-unityname>.com.ejb.entity.RefStatus.expiration.lifespan    (Entity: com.ejb.entity.RefStatus)


      How does Prefix <earname>.<jarname>.<persistence-unityname> look out (example)? Can it or some parts of it be avoided?

      I have tried different variants of prefix but it didn't work according sql output.

      I tried to set hibernate.cache.region_prefix to "" and avoid so prefix, but lifespan of the entity didn't correspond to the configured value according sql output.


      Thanks in advance!


      p.s. Wildfly 17.01.Final