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    Not Able to Build mod_cluster in apache httpd 2.4.39


      We are upgrading apache httpd version from 2.2.34 to 2.4.39 . As part of this upgrade process, we need to load  mod_cluster modules(mod_proxy_cluster,advertise,mod_manager) modules . We have downloaded mod_cluster-1.3.10.final file. During building of these modules source code into .so file, we need to execute configure command as below.


      ./configure --with-apxs=/usr/bin/apxs


      We are getting the error as below.


      "checking for Apache httpd installation... APXS is /usr/bin/apxs

      apxs_support is false

      configure: error: mod_cluster module need a valid apxs"


      apxs already available  in the path /usr/bin/apxs. Please find the output of whereis apxs command.


      # whereis apxs

      apxs: /usr/bin/apxs /usr/share/man/man1/apxs.1.gz


      environment Details:



      apache httpd 2.4.39