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    How to exclude framework related JAR files from search in XML based rule


      Hi All,


      Back Ground

      I have a created following simple XML based ruleset, and ran it against a spring boot application, using rhamt-cli.

      Based on the below custom XML rule, the tool is picking up all the resource files containing "www" and generating report.


      <rule id="CG_rules_001" xmlns="http://windup.jboss.org/schema/jboss-ruleset">


                 <filecontent pattern="www"/>



                 <hint category-id="mandatory" effort="3" title="Application file with hardcoded Web URLS (www)">

                                  <message> These files contain hardcoded web urls that are needed to be look after for successful migration

                </message> </hint>






      The generated report contains lot of files from framework specific jars, matching this criteria. I would like to reduce the noise in the output report, and exclude all the frameworks related JARs (Spring, Spring boot, Log4J) from the search.


      Any idea or suggestion ?