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    Elytron - EJB Principal Anonymous




      I have a simple ear ( one war plus one ejb module ).


      I'm trying to use Elytron security with wildfly 18.0.1 and AdoptOpenJDK 11.




      <subsystem xmlns="urn:wildfly:elytron:8.0" final-providers="combined-providers" disallowed-providers="OracleUcrypto">




      <security-domain name="MyDomain" default-realm="MyRealm" permission-mapper="default-permission-mapper">

              <realm name="MyRealm"/>







      <jdbc-realm name="MyRealm">

                          <principal-query sql="SELECT password, 'MyRole' from USER where username = ? " data-source="AppDS">


                                  <attribute to="Roles" index="2"/>


                              <simple-digest-mapper algorithm="simple-digest-sha-512" password-index="1"/>








      <http-authentication-factory name="my-http-authentication" security-domain="MyDomain" http-server-mechanism-factory="global">


                              <mechanism mechanism-name="FORM">

                                  <mechanism-realm realm-name="MyRealm"/>









      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:undertow:10.0" default-server="default-server" default-virtual-host="default-host" default-servlet-container="default" default-security-domain="other" statistics-enabled="${wildfly.undertow.statistics-enabled:${wildfly.statistics-enabled:false}}">



                      <application-security-domain name="MyDomain" http-authentication-factory="my-http-authentication"/>




      After successful login on my webapp (j_security_check), my named bean call ejb method.


      In my EJB, trying to get Principal always returns anonymous.


      I'v tried 3 different ways:



      private Principal principal; -> returns anonymous



      private SessionContext sessionContext; -> returns anonymous



      private EJBContext ejbContext; -> returns anonymous


      Injecting Principal in named bean (war) returns the correct principal. Seams like the principal is not being propagated to ejb layer.


      I'm i missing something in elytron setup? Or is this a bug? Is there another way to get principal in ejb.