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    migrate app in oc4j with ejb 2.1 to wildfly 15




      i am migrating an application it is developed with ejb 2.1 specification i have deplojed the servicios.jar ( ejb 2.1 ) in wildfly 15 it show me the jndi names deployed



      after i try to deploy the sim.war i have modified the standalone-full xml with

      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:naming:2.0">


                      <lookup                name="ejb/AdminService"lookup="java:global/servicios/AdminService!gov.pgn.sim.servicios.administracion.AdminServiceLocal"/>





      but i get a error:




      so my trouble is that the war cant find the ejb 2.1 , if something can help me


      thanks you.