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    Arquillian where are we?


      Goal: Project with inception year 2012 to bring on ee8, with jdk 11  and add new functionality.

      Status: Developed for Glassfish 3.1 and WAS 8.5. ported for Glassfish 4 and 5 and Payara 5.

      Build and embedded Tests could be run on Glassfish 5. Arquillian with Glassfish embedded 3.1 and jdk 8. Yes, only jdk 8! Deployment of maven build on Glassfish 5works applying 100 tricks, and the application runs then even normal as EE8. 100 tricks means, that the delpoyment function of Glassfish 5 doesn't work in a straight way and nobody seams to care to repair the bugs.

      Payara 5 build for EE8 with jdk 11 works, the application can be deployed and runs as expected. But running the arquillian tests doesn't work, as either the derby client or the hsql driver are not found. The drivers are on the classpath, hence the bugs are elswhere  and I don't know where! This brings me to the question which containers are available. As far as I could see they are old as from 2011 and support EE6 maybe 7 but nothing more. Do they support JDK 9 up, or in the given case JDK11?

      Support for Wildfly embedded tests stops also at WF8! What about Wildfly 18? Beside, I tried several times, to port from glassfish to Wildfly, but I must confess never with success. The application use roles. Easy to implement with Glassfish and even on WebSphere, though the latter use a rather complicated indirect mapping. But one can understand it reading carefully enough. I'm sorry to say Wildfly has so many different configurations, I was never able to undestand which is actual and should be applied and how to bring it to work! XML configuration if you are new to an application is hard if you must choose from so many possibilities and don't know the effects of any single change!

      Where can I find the information about actual Arquillian? Do people still work with it, or is it on the waste dump of history?

      To implement new functions in the mentioned application and test them with arquillian, things must run without tricks using JDK 11 and jakarta implementation of EE! Is this possible?