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    Custom listener shows dirty properties only per event (per class)


      For an object tree if a property of a nested object changes the whole object tree should be versioned.

      However, it seems there are only hibernate envers events sent to e.g. a customed listener for a class with a property change. For all other objects/classes no event is being sent.

      Shouldn't the whole object tree be versioned in such a case to enable envers to extract all related objects to the same version? Or is it enough to version only the object with changed properties? Will envers be able to combine

      Example: An order has positions. Let's change 1 of 10 position changes. Only for that changed position a version is created with version 2 and revtype 1. All other objects have revision 1 with revtype 0.

      Will envers be able to correctly relate verions in that case?