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    Moving to googlegroups


      Forums hosted at developer.jboss.org will become read-only archives at the end of this month so I am replacing them with one or more google groups. We currently have a dev space and a user space and I can think of three ways of using googlegroups for our purposes:


      1. Replace the current dev and user forums with a single "Question and Answer Forum" (a web forum with extra features enabled to support the experience of asking and answering issues. Topics can be marked as resolved or be rated by users. In addition, you can use categories to organise questions within the forum. People must post through the web interface, but can still receive updates via email).
      2. Replace the current dev and user forums with separate  "Question and Answer Forums"
      3. Replace the current user forum with a "A Question and Answer Forum" and the dev forum with a "mailing list group" (a mailing list group allows users to post from the web or by email)


      I think option 3 would be okay but if people would like a different option then would you let me know by Monday 24th. I will then create the group/groups on Tues. Thanks.