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    create-remove causes error at second time

    Thomas Poeschmann Newbie

      [repost from database forum]


      by using jBoss 2.4.4 and BMP, I'm running the following sequence on my client (without or with UTX - does not matter):

      client.create(new Integer(22), new Integer(23), "P23", new java.util.Date());
      com.test.PersonKey2 testKey = new com.test.PersonKey2();
      testKey.id = new Integer(22);
      testKey.id2 = new Integer(23);
      Person2 p = client.findByPrimaryKey(testKey);

      When running this program a second time, the server says that a bean is there and throws an exception (you know that INSERTING... thing) - but the database is empty (I'm really sure - using Oracle, watching from the console, used commit() on the console and so on). I also see my DELETE running down the database in the current transaction context and so on.

      The most interstingly is running the program a third time: that works. Fourth not, fifth does, and so on.

      Did'nt found anything concerning this problem in this list or sourceforge, but I don't have the time to go into the source. So if you have any hint for me - thank you.