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    No notification given to the Client on Transaction Timeout

    jikky Newbie


      I am using Jboss-2.4.3. I have a session bean which does a lot of processing sometimes taking more than the transaction timeout period of 300 ms. The problem is that whenever a transaction timeout occurs, no notification is given to the client via an exception or something. The print indicating the timeout appears on the console and no other activity takes place leading to the client to hang for ever.

      Is there a solution for this? In WEBLOGIC an exception is thrown whenever a time out occurs so that the client is notified of the problem. The client can then take appropriate steps like firing the method again or something.

      The print about the time out is shown below :
      Transaction XidImpl [FormatId=257, GlobalId=bom2//4, BranchQual=] timed out. status=STATUS_ACTIVE

      Can somebody help?