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    EJB create method binding

    Mac Rinehart Newbie

      I think I'm experiencing a bug with the method binding for create methods in 3.0.0beta. According to my reading, I should be able to define EJB create method names as create and ejbCreate for both Stateful session beans and entity beans, where is some meaningful suffix.

      For example, I have create methods createTransaction and ejbCreateTransaction on a stateful session bean. When I attempt to deploy I get a method not bound exception on the remote home interface for the createTransaction method. If I remove the Transaction suffix from all my method names and rebuild, the deployment works.

      I've done a lot of checking on this, and the method name appears to be the root of the problem, not parameters. The same issue was experienced on two different entity beans. Should this be filed as a bug, or is there another explanation I'm missing?