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    strange behaviour, maybe bug ?


      Hi dudes,

      I have noticed a strange behavious of latest cvs RH.

      Let's assume we have to 2 session beans A and B.
      A calls a method M of B. M declares throwing an exception

      In my test, M actually throws actually an exception MyException (it's a kinda
      of test case).

      you can see the code as following :


      public void test()
      try { B.M(); }
      catch(Exception MyException) { log.info("catched"); }



      public void M() throws MyException
      throw new MyException();


      public class MyException extends Exception { ... }

      The first time in deploy my application, everything
      goes fine. When a redeploy my application
      again and invoke test(), I get this message :

      22:05:32,115 ERROR [LogInterceptor] TransactionRolledbackException, causedBy:
      <<no stack trace available>>

      If anyone can help me ? I think there is a bug
      around because of differents behaviours.