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    how to get UserTransaction from a client

    jian gao Newbie

      Hi,all.I am searching a solution: Can a client program
      not in EJB(the program in another JVM) get the Usertransaction from JBoss?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Object o = new InitialContext().lookup("UserTransaction");
          UserTransaction ut = (UserTransaction)PortableRemoteObject.narrow(o, UserTransaction.class);


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            marcus simonsen Newbie

            Excerpt From the AdminDevelopers Book 3.0.5:

            The JTA javax.transaction.UserTransaction interface allows applications to explicitly control transac-tions.
            For enterprise session beans that manage transaction themselves (BMT), a UserTransaction can
            be obtained by calling the getUserTransaction method on the bean context object, javax.ejb.Session-Context.
            Note: For BMT beans, do not obtain the UserTransaction interface using a JNDI
            lookup. Doing this violates the EJB specification, and the returned UserTransaction
            object does not have the hooks the EJB container needs to make important checks.