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    Ejb jar Classpath in Manifest.mf

    Cameron Tabor Newbie

      Hello, I posted this message as a reply on the dev-mirror, but thought this forum would be more appropriate, any help will be appreciated.

      I'm using 2.4.4 and seeing the following, when I have the line:

      Class-Path: automarkinventory.jar

      In my Manifest.mf file it appears to look on the filesystem for the jar file, why not inside my ejb jar file?

      I am just wondering if I'm doing something wrong here.

      [INFO,J2eeDeployer] install EJB module iengineejb.jar
      [DEBUG,J2eeDeployer] resolveLibraries: automarkinventory.jar
      [WARN,J2eeDeployer] Failed to add automarkinventory.jar to common classpath: C:\
      test\JBoss-2.4.4_Tomcat-3.2.3\jboss\deploy\processor\automarkinventory.jar (The
      system cannot find the file specified)