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    unauthenticated-principal how does it works?

    Raffaele Spazzoli Newbie

      I have a bean (allow access to config informations) that must be accessed from an unauthenticated context (i.e. init of a servlet).
      I've configured the bean to have the unchecked metho permission on all methods but still the container need an autenticated principal to let me access the bean.
      So I tried the <unauthenticated-principal> tag in the jboss.xml deployment descriptor. I seems not to work: i still receive a SecurityException for the principal being null.
      Browsing this forum i've found this possible solution:
      add the following row to the auth.conf file

      Now it seems to work but I don't ike thos workaround, I'd like to configure everithing from the deployment descriptor. Any idea? Am I doing something wrong?