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    Service Locator pattern

    Howard Ginsburg Newbie

      I am writing a service locator to hide all the jndi lookup info from the client. I have one question on optimizing this. The service locator will return a home object back to the client for it to call the create. Is there any issues with caching the home object to avoid the jndi lookup every time? I'm currently only using stateless session beans, but is there an issue with any type of ejb?


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          Fusayuki Minamoto Apprentice

          I wonder there may be a portability issue for clustering if you cache home objects.
          I mean it may be ejb server dependent.

          I've ever failed to work a service locator with cache for WebLogic 5.1.
          Since it was so unstable, I finally removed the cache feature from the service locator.
          I'm not sure it was a bug or not.

          I'm afraind I don't have experience with the JBoss clustering feature.