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    Refencing a Remote Value Object no longer available

    Daniel Hinojosa Master

      OS: SuSE Linux 7.2
      JBoss Version: 2.4.4
      Tomcat Version: 4.0.1
      Database: mySQL with 2.0.7 Driver

      Question: I have a standard value object that contains accessors and mutators called BusinessValueObject. I have a stateless session facade called Directory. Within the directory bean I have a method called create(BusinessValueObject). I would set the value object with an id and then do an entity create with the new object


      I would call my Directory Remote Object via a servlet helper. Within the helper I would have.


      Next when I do a businessValueObject.getBusinessID() the ID returns null. I thought I had reference to it. This code worked in the previous version. Am I doing something wrong?