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    how can i deploy jbuilder6-generated jar file to jboss?

    zhebbincopng Newbie


      i write a "cart" bean by using jbuilder6,and successfully test it under the jbuilder6+bes5 environmfent,now i want to deploy it to jboss server,i want to unzip my jar file,add the jboss.xml file to it and repackage it to a jar file,is that right?if are there some tools that can help me to deploy the jar file to jboss directly from the jbuilder6?

      when i unzip the jar file,i find that except the home,remote and bean class,the jbuilder6 add a lot of other class files to the jar,such as CartHelper,CartHlolder,CartHomeHelper,CartHomeHolder,CartOperations,CartPOA......................,i don't know why?
      is that necessary to the jboss?

      thank you!