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    My ejb application can't see jar files

    Justin Otto Newbie

      I have followed the instructions in the documentation about making jar files visible to my ejb application. ie, I have an ear file with the following contents:


      The classes inside myEJB.jar reference classes inside myUtilities.jar. The myEJB.jar contains a manifest file that looks like this:

      Manifest-Version: 1.0
      Created-By: Ant 1.4
      Class-Path: lib/myUtilities.jar

      But the classLoader spits a dummy and gives me a NoClassDefFoundError when the a method is called in the ejb that references the classes in myUtilities.jar. And yes, there is a carriage return after the Class-Path line. I've also tried it with ./lib/myUtilities.jar but with no luck. And I've tried putting it into the myEJB.jar, which (expectedly) didn't work.

      The only way the classes in myUtilities.jar can be visible is by putting the jar into the jboss lib/ext directory, which is not recommended.

      Any help is desperately appreciated.