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    NoClassDefFoundError : invoking JBoss from C program

    jasmine jang Newbie


      I'm trying to load the JBoss EJB container from my C
      program instead of starting the servlet container and JBoss by executing the run.bat file in JBoss bin

      I invoke the JVM by calling JNI method from the C program
      and pass a classpath as an argument.

      The problem is that NoClassDefFoundError is thrown when
      MBeans are instantiated during the JBoss EJB container is loaded.

      For example, NoClassDefFoundError happens for classes in log4j.jar, jboss.jar and other jar files.

      Should I pass the classpath for all jar files under the
      "jboss\lib\ext" directory as an argument of JVM creating JNI method?

      I'm testing JBoss2.4.4 currently.

      I'll appreciate for any help.