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    jboss/client jar files management

    James Cleary Newbie

      Since my JBoss is running on a Sun and expect clients on PCs to run an application hosted by JBoss I need to bundle all the JBoss/client/*.jar files and provide them to the client. So now everytime we upgrade JBoss I need to go and see what the new *.jar file names are and include those instead. This seems to be a pain.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          You could download most classes from the server,
          if you configured a security manager in the client.

          The only jars you actually need on the client are
          the jnp-client.jar to get the InitialContext,
          jboss-j2ee.jar and your interfaces.

          Another approach is to set-up a java.net.URLClassLoader
          in the client and place all the jars at that url.