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    CMP and Hierarchical queries

    Shailesh Dangi Newbie

      Before I begin, I would like to mention that I had absolutely no problems downloading/configuring JBoss 3.0 with Tomcat 4.0 using a database resource (Oracle) at the back-end. I also have written my first BMP entity bean which works just fine.

      The query is basically hiearchical as shown below:

      select ftb_tab_id from fwk_tabs start with ftb_tab_id and org_id = ? connect by prior
      ftb_parent_id = ftb_tab_id and
      org_id = ? order by ftb_level asc

      Q1. Can this be done CMP 2.0/JBoss/Jaws?
      Q2. If I use BMP, is there any thing as Entity Cache as I seem to hit the DB everytime even if the entity state hasn't changed. Is there some thing I can configure?

      Thanks for your time guys.