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    App Server Hangs

    Pyari Newbie

      Hi Guys
      I am using Jboss2.4.4 version.. after serveral days i configured properly . Now i am facing some problem with BMP beans.. I created a some bmp,cmp and session beans.Using session and bmp i created 20 records in the table and after that i updated some status in the table manually .. when i run other session bean to monitor the status and to collect some beans here i faced some problem. The Findermethod returns the collection of beans with a particular status and when i accessed the bussiness methods for those beans .. the finder method is restricting only upto 9 beans. In server side i am getting the message as [INFO,Default] Activate : <bean PK> (for ex [INFO,Default] Activate : 1...[INFO,Default] Activate : 9) after the server is not responding.. i found no errors in server and in my code..
      Pls let me know the more details what i have to do to fix it up
      with regards