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    Loading resources from a session bean

    Jeroen Gremmen Newbie

      I want to create a session bean that does some XSL transformations on a XML document.

      If I have a session bean jar with the following XSL document: /org/inal/session/bean/resource/mydoc.xsl, then how can I read it from my bean?

      Any suggestions?

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          Jesper Thorhauge Newbie

          Hi jgremmen

          I've seen people use the getResourceAsStream(String name) - method in java.lang.Class. Haven't tried it out myself. Probably it will look in the VM's class library for your xsl-file, so make sure that your jar with the xsl-file is in your classpath or loaded into the current VM.

          P.S.: Thanx for your comments about using setCatalog for multiple databases. Now i (think) i understand why Jboss throws exception's when rolling back db-connections