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    deploying the EJB jar in websphere

    rajagopal Newbie

      i created a deployed jar file for EJB in Visual age
      and the same i am trying to import into websphere
      while deploying this jar file i am getting the following error, if anybody knows this , please let me know the answer

      File: cannot be createdcom.ibm.ejs.sm.exception.DeploymentException: File: cannot be created

      com.ibm.ejs.sm.client.command.ExecutionException: Error during deploying jar file.

      at com.ibm.ejs.sm.client.RepositoryOpException.(RepositoryOpException.java:51)

      at com.ibm.ejs.sm.client.command.ExecutionException.(ExecutionException.java:63)

      at com.ibm.ejs.sm.client.command.DeployJarCommand.execute(DeployJarCommand.java:86)

      at com.ibm.ejs.sm.client.command.CommandManager$ExecutionThread.run(CommandManager.java:28