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    Transaction numbers

    ywhking Newbie

      I encountered a strange problem, and hope somebody can help me.

      I wrote a test program to test the transaction capability of jboss2.4.4.
      the test platform is Win2000 + jboss2.4.4 + mysql3.23.47;
      my test program is EntiryBean + SessionBean + Client.In the SessionBean there is a method which create 1000 records,then it try to find if there are records in the database,if found,then delete them all.The method was configued to be include in transaction with required descriptor in the ejb-jar.xml.My client was responsible to invoke the method.
      Now ,I concurrently run three or more client programs,only two clients can run correctly(one by one),the other programs all failed(It needs about 26 seconds to run ones).
      Could someone tell me why?Does the transactionTimeout value in the jboss.jcml cause the problem?Does jboss2.4.4 limited the transaction numbers?