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    ejb rpc call using soap2.2

    Paul Baker Newbie

      I'm sorta stuck here, any help would be appreciated. I'm using JBoss2.4.4Tomcat3.2.3, and using run_with_catalina to start the server (ie same vm for tomcat and jboss). I place the soap.war in jboss/deploy. I register a service for the optimized ejb (which is really the jboss test ejb StatelessSessionBean) which is already deployed and working. I try to invoke the service from a client and get the following on the server window:

      [ERROR,Default] SOAP Service Manager: Unable to read 'DeployedServices.ds': assuming fresh start
      [ERROR,Default] =============================================
      [ERROR,Default] In TemplateProvider.locate()
      [ERROR,Default] URI: urn:helloejb
      [ERROR,Default] DD.ServiceClass: org.apache.soap.providers.StatelessEJBProvider
      [ERROR,Default] DD.ProviderClass: null
      [ERROR,Default] Call.MethodName: getMessage
      [INFO,Default] Exception caught: javax.naming.CommunicationException [Root exception is java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jboss.test.tomcat.ejb.interfaces.StatelessSessionHome]

      Anyone know where I'm going wrong? Seems like its resolving the Optimized to the proper name, but can't load the class?

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          Raj Kumar Newbie

          I was getting the same error. Then I did the following:
          try to put HomeInterface and RemoteInterface in the CLASSPATH. Unjar soap.war and put HomeInterface class and RemoteInterface Class in the Dir:
          then make soap.war and deploy it.

          After doing the above I am stuck with the following errors.

          [ERROR,Default] =============================================
          [ERROR,Default] In TemplateProvider.locate()
          [ERROR,Default] URI: urn:ejbhello
          [ERROR,Default] DD.ServiceClass: org.apache.soap.providers.StatelessEJBProvider
          [ERROR,Default] DD.ProviderClass: samples.HelloService
          [ERROR,Default] Call.MethodName: hello
          [ERROR,Default] =============================================
          [ERROR,Default] In TemplateProvider.invoke()
          [ERROR,Default] Exception Caught upon method invocation attempt: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: $Proxy5.hello([none]) not found.