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    polymorphic access to EJB-Methods

    Henri Briod Newbie

      I would achieve polymorph access to Methods of the
      remote-interface of Session EJBs. I found no direct way
      to do this. So I tried to do it over the JNDI-possibili-ties: to have several EJB's with the same Remote- and
      Homeinterface deployed under different JNDI-names. But it didn't work: the first deployed been got involved, what-ever JNDI-name I tried by accessing the EJB.
      What are the criteria for an EJB-Container to see EJB's
      as different Instances? It can't be the deployment-
      discriptor , it can't be the JNDI-name. Worst would be, if it was the Package-Path and Class-Name of
      the deployed jar-Files!??
      Does anyone know about a solution?