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    API Model - Plain pojos or not...

    Boleslaw Dawidowicz Master

      Some of ideas discussed in the other topic (http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=144427) ends up in a more general question on how API model objects should be designed/implemented.
      Should the Identity/Group/Role objects be plain pojos or expose some of management operations.

      1) Plain POJOs - Identity/Group/Role objects keep minimal information about Id/Name/Type. They are easily seriazible and there are no problems with closed session (like with detached hibernate entities). With this approach even getDescription method should be removed as it needs a session reference to retrieve the value.

      2) Model objects keep reference to the associated session and expose some of management operations like

      Group.associateGroup(Group group)
      Group.associateIdentity(Identity identity)

      The idea is to keep all methods in the managers but duplicate some of them in Identity/Group/Role interfaces to expose convenient use:

      identitySession.getRelationshipManager().associateIdentity(employeeGroup, jackBlack)

      Both approaches have pros and cons.... With the second approach serialization requirements can be painful and we may end up with things like SessionClosedException...