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    Stupid Container Managed Relationships (EJB 2.0) question.

    Bart Read Newbie

      Hi All,

      Anybody who can give me a quick answer to this will be deserving of great applause. If I'm developing entity beans with container managed persistence and container managed relationships then do I HAVE to specify local interfaces for these beans or can I just use remote interfaces? If I do have to use local interfaces then can I also use remote interfaces because I want to be able to access my entity beans remotely?

      Basically I've got the following EJB-QL query:

      FROM Organisation AS o, IN (o.organisationUsers) AS u
      WHERE u = ?1

      but the thing is I keep getting this error saying that the cmr field organisationUsers doesn't exist even though it blatantly does (note that I'm NOT persisting this field). Any suggestions about this?