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    Parallel processing inside EJB

    Duarte Loreto Newbie


      I have an EJB (Stateless session) that needs to call three other EJBs to perform some actions.

      Right now, the EJB calls the others performing action A. If A is successfull performs B and then C.

      I would like to perform A. If A is successfull, perform B and C simultaneously.

      If this was a normal Java program, I would execute class A and then launch as threads B and C, getting notifications on complete.

      I read that threading shouldn't be used in EJB's. So, is it possible to call two beans simultaneously from another bean?

      For those thinking JMS, I also thought about that but would like to do it "the old Java way".

      Pointers to docs, comments, etc are appreciated. Even flames! ;)

      Thank you for your time!