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    Frank Villarreal Newbie

      Hello JBossers!

      Maybe this is a FAQ (or a bug). Either way I can't tell from searching the forums (somebody put some HTML code that scrambles the search results when searching on "NameNotFoundException" so the results can't be read). I'm using JBoss 2.4.4 and deploying a simple stateless session bean like i've done a hundred times before ... however I'm getting a "NameNotFoundException: mybeanname not bound" every time I try to access any business method ... BUT JBOSS SAYS MY BEAN WAS BOUND in the server log file. I know the bean gets deployed ... it says so in the server.log. I'm able to create the InitialContext, create a reference to the bean, and even calling the toString() method on the bean returns "mybeanname:Stateless". The bean has a home & remote interface and I'm invoking it from a separate machine. Any one have any ideas? Thanks for any help!

      - Frank