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    Can I implement the kernel of EJB in ANSI C?

    Wei Luo Newbie

      I'm a newer to J2EE.Now i want to use J2EE to construct a full text retrieval system in a project, for I greatly appreciate its scalability.But when efficiency is taken into account, I want to use ANSI C to implement the kernel of EJB. Is it visible? Please give me some help.
      Thanks a lot.

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          Marius Kotsbak Newbie

          I don't think the EJB-spec allowes you to do that, but it might be possible. You probably can speed it up much by optimizing the code (reduce creation of new objects, using stringbuffer instead of String etc.).

          A clean solution is perhaps to integrate the core of your algorithm in a MBean, partly implemented as native in c, or separate application that communicate with the EJB over CORBA.