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    UndeclaredThrowableException: Problem with parameters of Ses

    Diego Celery Newbie

      I have a method (in a Seesion Bean)
      (*)public Integer altaProducto(DetalleProducto dProd){}

      The problem is with parameter dProd(my own class DetalleProducto).
      When this is:
      public Integer altaProducto(Integer dProd){}
      that's all ok, but not when is (*)

      here si de class:
      class DetalleProducto implements Serializable{
      public String id;
      public String nombre;
      public String descripcion;
      public boolean habilitado;

      public String toString{}
      public int hashCode{}
      etc etc.....
      }//end class

      The problem is when y call : session.altaProducto(dProd)
      This give me an exception: "UndeclaredThrowableException"