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    CMP Many-to-Many relationship in EJB 1.1 problem.

    Jeroen Vos Newbie

      First of all, I am new here. I used the search as good as I could, and I can't find an answer to my question.

      I have tried to make a many-to-many relationship on 2 entity EJB's, with the tag in my ejb-jar.xml. First of all, is this possible in jBoss 2.4.4 with EJB 1.1 for CMP EJB's??

      - If it is, how do I get all relations of a certain row in one entity (I have one table DEVICE, and another one called CAPABILITY). So how do I get lets say all capabilities of device x, or how do I get all devices with capability y? I found a website http://www.caucho.com/products/resin-ejb/ of some product, here you can just call getDevices or getCapabilities which are implemented by the container.

      - If it is not, how should I get a many-on-many relationship in jBoss 2.4.4 without using any extra program (I read about MVC-something somewhere, but I don't want to spend any money). I was looking at some table I should have in between, but it should have composite keys, and I can't find any good references on how to implement this in my entity bean. (All I can find are examples with one key).

      I hope I didn't make to big a mess of my english, and somebody understands my question :). Can somebody please help me solve my problem.