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    Problem with ejb-ref

    Dan Weimer Newbie

      Hello, I'm having trouble making <ejb-ref> work correctly on jboss 244 and was hoping someone could help.

      In ejb-jar.xml:

      corej2ee.project.ejb.entity.CustomerHome corej2ee.project.ejb.entity.Customer

      In jboss.xml:

      In the bean using Customer:
      InitialContext ic=new InitialContext();
      //Object objref=ic.lookup("ejb/CustomerHome");
      Object objref=ic.lookup("CustomerBean");

      The commented out line doesn't work (name not found exception ejb not bound). The second lookup does. In the JBoss startup window I do see the line:

      10 Apr 19:06:24 DEBUG AutoDeployer org.jboss.ejb.StatelessSessionContainer - Bin
      ding ejb/CustomerHome to external JNDI source: CustomerBean

      I'm sure I'm probably doing something silly but I just can't see what it is. Can anyone help?