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    Error deploying EJBs

    Per Steffensen Newbie


      The short story is, that I get the following error, when I try to deploy the attached cd.jar:

      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Missing og invalid Instance Cache (in jboss.xml og standardjboss.xml)

      WHY? And what should I do to make cd.jar deployable?

      The longer story is:
      I have downloaded and read an article at http://www.kevinboone.com/webapptut.pdf

      It describes an example with to EJBs "CDCollection" (stateless session) and "CD" (CMP entity). The example can be downloaded at http://www.kevinboone.com/CDEJB.tar.gz

      The downloaded file containes a file cd.jar, that should be ready for deloyment. But it creates errors when I try to deploy. The first errors (missing session-type tag and transaction-type tags for session bean) I solve and end up with the attached cd.jar. It can still not be deployed - se top of message.

      Kind regards - Per Steffensen