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    Classloader HELL - Please help

    Artur Bialecki Newbie

      I'm using Jboss 2.4.4 with Tomcat 4.0.4b2 and
      Cocoon 2.0.2. I have a j2ee application (ear) that has
      one web application (war) and 2 ejbs (jar).

      Cocoon sits in my war and generates java classes
      from XSP fies (like JSP, exctept java-xml instead
      of java-html). These classes access ejbs that are in my jars and other utility classes that are in my war.

      If I put cocoon.jar in lib/ext, then it seems that from
      there it cannot see extensions (classes) that are in
      wars or jars (this makes sense)
      If my cocoon.jar is part of war's WEB-INF/lib than it
      can see the war classes but its class loader cannot
      see any classes from my jars.
      And, to top it all of my jars cannot see any classes
      from the war.

      Is there any solution to this? Puting my extensions
      into separate jar and throwing it into lib/ext does
      not make sens since I would loose my redeployment
      feature fo j2ee, besides I still wouldn't be able to access
      my beans.

      Is there any to make every class in my ear (ie war, and jars) see every other class in my ear and classes in
      lib/ext ?