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    JNDI for proxy and invoker (ejb)

    Susan Newbie


      After deploying an EJB and looking in JNDI-View, there are three entries according to my EJB.

      One for java:comp namespace
      and two in Global JNDI:

      +- hello
      | +- Hello (proxy: $Proxy8 implements hello.HelloHome)

      +- invokers
      | +- hello
      | | +- Hello

      In the docu I read about the dynamic proxies (for Client)and the ContainerInvoker as the single entry point to the Container. Is the JNDI entry "hello.Hello (proxy)" for getting the ProxyObject on ClientSide, used by the Server/ specific Container? And the JNDI entry invokers.hello.Hello for getting the ContainerInvoker on ServerSide, used by Clients to get the EJBObject (represented by the specific container)?

      Thanks in advance!