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    3 use cases for the IDM layer


      These are briefly the 3 use cases that I had in mind when we embarked on the design of the IDM component.

      1) Corporate Environment.
      There is a HQ. All the employees are stored in the model here with the basic global attributes/policies etc. Now in individual offices such as Chicago, Boston etc, the employees have local attributes/entitlements pertaining to that office. They can inherit the global attributes from the HQ (the local office has an "extends" relationship with the HQ). Each time, an employee visits a local office, he gets temporary permissions or a pseudonym in that local office.

      2) University Environment

      All the students of the university have basic permissions/attributes at the univ level. Then individually they have roles/permissions at the department level.

      3) Government Environment

      There is a federal government. All federal employees have basic roles/attributes etc. In individual agencies, they have their own roles/attributes etc. Between agencies, there can be a trust relationship that allows employees to perform actions (maybe under a pseudonym).