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    3.0RC1 Randomly hangs on deploy

    Mike Finn Apprentice


      EAR (or deployed as EJB JAR) has 1 SB and 4 EBs (CMP) in it. Frequently the server hangs when deploying it. When there is only an SB in it, it will deploy fine every time. Only when there are EBs in it does it do this.
      When it hangs, JNDI seems to go with it, as I can't do JNDIView to see what's deployed. Browser just spins.

      Has anyone seen this?

      Only workaround is to nuke the server, restart it and redeploy without the EBs, then redeploy with EBs. Once successfully deployed, any subsequent redeploy seems to hang the server. Hangs also occur on server start up.

      Log file and EAR are attached.