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    help needed for CMP with local interfaces

    Christian Mouttet Newbie

      Hi all,

      the more I browse throw this forum reading about local interfaces, the more I'm getting confused. May someone tell me how to code and configure it under 3.0 RC1 in a complete example.

      It would be nice if you can do it on the 'roster' example coming with the tutorial of Sun's RI 1.3.1. If you don't know it - here the main facts: There are Team beans which consist of teamId, name, city and Player beans. The fields of PlayerBean are playerId, name, etc. The relationship between them is 1:N. There exist access methods in both for setting and getting the related local interface (Collection). A session bean uses the entities to so some business processes.

      For more information please consult http://java.sun.com/j2ee/tutorial/1_3-fcs/doc/CMP.html.

      What I also misunderstand yet is the relationship between <ejb-local-ref>...<ejb-ref-name>...<ejb-link> in ejb-jar.xml and the ...<ejb-local-ref>...<ejb-ref-name>...<jndi-name> in jboss.xml. I read that jboss.xml is optional. Which one is used by the session bean to look up the local home?

      The usage of the home and remote interfaces is easy and works - of course :-) But can I build up the relationships between the beans if I only add the local interfaces?

      Thank's in advance


      P.S. I was able to run other CMP examples on the RI, but I do have serious problems deploying them JBoss.