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    Jennifer Newbie

      my question is: which classes does the client need to know from the ejb? i implemented my client bean an gave him all 3 classes from the ejb, that means the home, remote and bean class. ("CUArchivieren" is the EJB)

      import CUArchivieren.*;

      but i don't want the client to see the bean class. if i only give him the home and remote interfaces i get an error saying, that the home interface couldn't be found!

      i also put the hole jar file in the classpath.

      do i have to alter the ejb-jar.xml?
      do i have to make an ejb-client.jar? if yes what do i have to include in this jar file?

      i would apriciate your help!!

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          Richard Kilgore Newbie

          I don't see why your client should need the EJB
          implementation class. Is your client a servlet
          or a stand-alone program with a main()?

          In the former case, you should create an EAR file,
          which requires a little learning. If it is a
          stand-alone program, you should just have to
          include the home and remote interface classes, and
          the jar files in $JBOSS_DIST/client/.

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            Jennifer Newbie

            thanks for your answer. my client is a simple java class. if i only include the home and remote interfaces with the command

            import package_name.home_interface
            import package_name.remote_interface

            (the ide has already all the jar files from JBoss\client)
            then i can't compile the client, because it says, that he can't find the home_interface.
            any ideas???

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              Richard Kilgore Newbie

              Sounds as if you're classpath is not getting set the way
              you think it is. Or maybe your home interface is
              automatically generated and it's doing the compile before
              it gets generated?

              Can you post or send me the relevant sources and the
              compiler output log? (if you prefer e-mail use

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                Jennifer Newbie

                i just send you an email, with the bean and the client. hope you can find my error.