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    JSP - JBOSS3.0.0RC1 - CATALINA4.0.3

    mik Newbie

      Hi everybody :)

      I've got some troubles and I hope someone could help me.

      I've got JSP pages and a java bean which have a session scope.

      When my first JSP open the second in the same window, all is good.(<jsp:forward page="second.jsp"/>)

      But when I open the second JSP in an other window, all is wrong ! :'(
      Then I've got a NullPointerException !

      So I've made another try, I put a String in the session in my first JSP and this String is not retrieve in the second JSP if it is opened in an another window !

      It must be the catalina configuration which is not good but I don't find what to change :(