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    jBoss server with COM client?

    Jari Kujansuu Newbie


      We have implemented our system on jboss and in our own system we connected to server using fat java client, but now we are in project where other partner of project has implemented UML toolkit using I think C++ and their interface to external programs is COM. We need to implement way for them to store their data into our server and so far we have not found good COM Java bridge.

      Anyone have ideas how communication could be done? What programs have you tried? Is JBoss.NET something connected to that?

      It is not really that different if their COM client communicates to our classes on client side or directly to the server. But I think it would be simpler if we could use objects on both side and would not have to convert data to XML or other while moving, or how automatic XML parsers are?

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          Chris Harris Newbie

          You could try Jintegra (www.intrinsyc.com) - we have had good success with it. It's a generic Java-DCOM bridge that you can use on client or server.

          There are several free alternatives around but they all seem to be more specific in their aims. Jintegra is a very general solution which makes it much more flexible.