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    JBoss Identity IDM 1.0.0.Alpha5 released


      JBoss Identity IDM component 1.0.0.Alpha5 was tagged today.

      Major changes are:

      1) Support for Sybase and DB2. Addition to the automated testsuite in hudson:


      2) Query API implementation:



      3) Improved JBoss AS integration. Currently IDMService can create hibernate SessionFactory from specified configuration file, check if database schema exist, export it and execute bsh script to populate initial content. See authentication example below

      4) Initial implementation of JBossIdentityIDMLoginModule. It can validate user password and resolve associated groups from a configured group type. See authentication example below

      5) JEE Authentication example project:


      It is a maven2 project that creates a SAR containing a simple WAR with secured jsp page. IDMService is used to bootstrap IdentitySessionFactory and pre populate database with two default users. JBossIdentityIDMLoginModule validates user credentials.


      Sample idm-example-auth.sar is ready to use without any additional configuration. Just put it into JBoss Application Server 5 and point your browser to "http://localhost:8080/idm-example-auth"...

      6) Maven structure reorganization. GroupId was changed to "org.jboss.identity.idm" and module "idm" was split into:
      - idm-core - containing core API/SPI implementation with minimal additional dependencies (like jaxb)
      - idm-hibernate - containing HibernateIdentityStoreImpl and all needed hibernate entities
      - idm-ldap - containing LDAPIdentityStoreImpl
      - idm-cache - initial cache implementation with JBossCache. More changes to come in this area....

      Everything is plugable so it is possible to use only "idm-core" with custom SPI (IdentityStore) implementation.

      Pending issues can be tracked with JIRA: