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    JBoss STS plan


      Stefan/Alessio, please comment on the following.

      Now that we are making progress with our STS implementation as per
      http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/JBossIdentityFederation, I wanted to pick your ideas about the following:

      1. I have learned that Apache CXF at the moment does not have a STS implementation and as per http://cwiki.apache.org/CXF20DOC/ws-trust.html, they have a client that can talk to an STS.

      JBossSTS is a pure JAXWS implementation. I think, Stefan as you said, next week, we need to look at examples of using CXF client calling in to the JBossSTS

      2. The WS-T implementation will be bundled as part of the JBossIdentity build. Alessio, do you see any need to isolate the ws-t part and bundle it as part of JBossWS/CXF? I would prefer it to stay in JBID.

      3. We need to test the STS with clients of other implementations (Metro, Rampart etc). There are some Microsoft Plugfest endpoints available also (but they may not help in testing the STS).